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Enjoy an Effortless Installation

Your customers bought smart home devices to make their lives better, faster, and easier. So don’t let installation stand in the way or slow them down. Our fast, friendly, and reliable experts will get your smart home devices installed, connected, and working just the way you imagined—freeing your customers for the pursuit of happiness in the comfort of their home.

Installation Nation Smarter Home

Set Up Your Smart Home

A smart home gives your customers more time to enjoy life and better peace of mind when they're away. But for your smart devices to work reliably, they need to be installed reliably. That’s why Installation Nation installs it all: from smart security cameras to video doorbells, smart thermostats, house speakers, and smart garages. We’ll set up each and every device, and perform home technology checkups. So that your customers can live free.

We Install It All So You Don't Have To

Installation Nation Office WiFi

Maximize Your Wi-Fi

A strong Wi-Fi signal is vital for a responsive, reliable smart home. We’ll ensure your customers have one—from setting up the connection and supporting network connectivity to extending their Wi-Fi signal and linking their network.

Installation Nation TV Mounting

Mount TVs and More

We’ll mount, dismount, and remount TVs. Same for home speakers and stereo systems. Same for smart LED lighting retrofit. So your customer's home is smart, sleek, and chic.

Installation Nation Universal Remote

Stream Your Shows

Home is the theater of choice. We can set up cinema-worthy surround sound systems, hook up TV and audio devices, and get video streaming. And that universal remote? It will work. (At last.)

Installatin Nation Home Security

Monitor Your Home

Cameras. Video doorbells. Alarm systems. They are all tools to watch over and protect what matters most. So we install security equipment with precision you can trust. As if your customer's home was our own.

Installation Nation Smart Home

Sync Your Devices

The beauty of a smart home is the control it gives you over your domain. From climate control to playlists, we ensure your devices--and the other devices your customer has--play well together to serve them. Not the other way around.
Installation Nation Energy Savings

Save Your Energy

Electricity isn’t the only energy you should be saving. Gain your customers back some time and a lot of frustration as we get their smart thermostats up and running. Because having a smarter home is so hot right now.

TV Mounting

  • TV Mounting
  • TV Dismount/Remount

WiFi & Network

  • WiFi and Network Connectivity Support
  • New WiFi Connection Setup
  • WiFi Signal Extension

LED Lighting

  • Smart LED Installation
  • LED Retrofit
  • Streaming Video Device Setup and Support

Audio & Video

  • Home Theater Hook-up and Setup
  • Surround Sound System Setup
  • Home Theater Tutorial
  • Universal Remote Setup
  • TV and Home Theater Support
  • Home Stereo Connectivity Support
  • TV Hook-up and Setup
  • TV, Audio, or Device Hook-up

Smart Home

  • Smart Security Cam Installation
  • Smart Hub or Speaker Setup
  • Smart Device Hook-up
  • Smart Thermostat Installation and Setup
  • Video Doorbell Installation
  • Home Technology Checkup
  • Smart Garage Installation

Energy Savings

  • Smart Thermostat Installation and Setup
  • Smart Lighting

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Surprisingly Easy Installation

Say goodbye to painful installations and experience the freedom of technology that works reliably.

Surprisingly Easy Installation

Say goodbye to painful installations and let your customers experience the freedom of technology that works reliably.

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