TV Mounting

What is included in the TV Mount Installation?

Our tv wall mount installers will help you by mounting the TV, connecting all necessary video and audio cables/components and making sure cables are neat and tidy, device configuration, and more.

Do you offer a TV Wall Mount Service near me?

Installation Nation covers multiple cities throughout the U.S. Click or call today to find out if we offer this service in your area!

Choosing the right TV Wall Mount.

There are three types of wall mounts to choose from: fixed, tilted, or full motion. Ensure that the wall mount chosen is compatible with your television specifications and consider the price. Our customer support team and expert installers can answer any and all questions regarding the mount you need and can help with your purchase.

Can I mount a TV on any Wall?

The TV Mounting service includes mounting a television on a standard drywall surface by our skilled tv mount installers. You do have the ability to mount on other surfaces such as brick, stone, etc. for an additional charge.

Will my wires be hidden?

If you already have a power outlet on the wall where the TV will be mounted, the power cable for the TV will be hidden behind the TV. Depending on the other devices being connected to the TV, some devices can also go behind the TV as well so that none of those AV or Power cables are visible. If your devices are too large to go behind the TV or are located somewhere else, the power and AV cables can be concealed in two different ways for an additional charge. The first way is using an external cord concealer that hides the cables from the tv down the exterior or the wall. The second is an In-Wall power kit which allows our tv mount installers to conceal the power and AV cables inside the wall.

How long will mounting my TV take?

The time it will take for our TV Mount installers to complete the installation will vary on a few factors including the size of the TV, the mount type chosen, and if any additional add-on services like Custom Surface or In-Wall power kit. That said the average TV Mounting installation takes between 1 and 2 hours.

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